How To Prevent Your Puppy From Jumping On Your Cabinets

Many puppies or even dogs may start jumping everywhere including your closets and cabinets. While it is better to train your puppy not to jump on human being and pets or anything that he can see, it is never too late to teach your pet proper behavior to avoid hurting others and ruining your important things.


Puppies may jump on your cabinets because they might smell something edible or they want to feel your presence while youre in the kitchen or other areas away from. Sadly, this can be a disturbing behavior, especially if your puppy is scratching at your cabinets and damaging your clothes and other stuff placed in there. Using these helpful puppy training techniques, you can safely and gently control this unacceptable behavior in your puppy and bring peace back to your things in the house.


Consider using a leash on your puppy while he is in the place near your cabinets. If your puppy attempts to jump on these cabinets when you are in the room with him, then it is best to stay in the room so you can be able to monitor him and hi actions. When your puppy jumps on the cabinets, you should actively grab his leash and give him a warning by saying no.


The next tip is to step on your puppy’s leash. Doing so will allow your puppy more freedom to move his body. Therefore, your pet will start to jump and the leash will correct your puppy.


You should hold your puppy’s paws when he tends to jump on your closets or cabinets. As soon as your pet jumps up, you should take a firm grasp of his paws immediately and hold them until your puppy becomes uncomfortable. In addition, when your pet begins to struggle you should let him go and tell him off. And then, do not forget to praise him when he sits.